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About Sarah

Sarah is a Psychologist with 12 years of clinical experience in Australia and Britain. She has worked in a range of community, voluntary and medical settings with children, adolescents and adults. In addition to her Psychology qualifications, Sarah has formal training in Family Therapy and a wealth of experience working with families.

Sarah’s clinical experience is varied, with a focus on adjustment difficulties at transitional points in a person’s lifecycle. Sarah has a specific interest in issues around pregnancy, birth, the transition to parenthood and bereavement.

Sarah works systemically. She is interested in the relationships between people and the context in which they exist. The interactions and dynamics between people can create difficulties at times, but these relationships are often a great resource for fostering positive change. This approach is a perfect fit with Sarah’s belief that an individual is an expert of their own life; the resources and resilience needed to overcome difficulties are within themselves and those close to them.

A systemic approach is empowering, non-judgmental and blameless. Issues around gender, age, beliefs, culture, religion and social/economic status are always acknowledged within this approach, making it accessible and appropriate for all.